Can the Apponitment+ plugin support the Map Synchronization automatically to the admin

Can admin see all the appointment on his google calendar.

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    We have separate service provider and for each of them we setup separate calendar. Now i have few issues:-

    1. When any one book appointment, service provider and admin both receive email but their google calendar didn't update. Then service provider login he can see appointment and there is a button for google calendar that he needs to click to update google calendar. According to me it should be automatic. please let me know.

    2. When service provider create appointment directly from google calendar service provider calendar on website didn't update. Even service provider selected synchronization from drop down. Please advice.

    3. Instruction that is given in app is regarding old google calendar api interface. Do you have instruction for new interface?

    please let me know about above asap.


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    Hi there, Ruchi! So sorry for the delay.

    I did some searching on the forums, and I have two things for you to check.

    1. Are you using a caching plugin? There's a chance you're seeing a cached appointments page on your site, rather than the updated one with the appointment made in gCal reflected. If you're using such a plugin, try temporarily disabling it and refreshing your appointment calendar page.
    2. Make sure the available hours shown on your provider's Google calendars match their working hours set on your site. Make sure the time zones match, as well.
    3. The connection between Appointments+ and gCal is triggered with a WordPress cron - and crons need website traffic to run, so if your site had no visitors, the cron job making this connection may not have run.

    As for the gCal API documentation, you're correct, we need to update. I'll make a note for the docs team right now.

    Thanks, Ruchi!

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