Requesting additional Fundraising functionality

Hi there,

I need a donation tracking/management system. There will be several fundraisers for particular causes, animals, people, etc. soliciting donations concurrently – and I'd like people to be able to choose which project/campaign to donate to.

I need:

1. In the general Donate form, the choice of just donating generally or of picking a specific project to donate to (people are not required to choose a project)

2. The ability to create unique donation forms (shortcode) for each specific project/campaign (Donations automatically go to the specific project without the user having to choose the project)

3. A progress bar shortcode specific to each project/campaign

4. For the progress bar, we need to be able to set a monthly goal or a one-time goal. The monthly goal percentage needs to reset every month.

5. The ability to list most recent donors to a specific project/campaign (shortcode)

6. It also needs to give a donor the option of donating an additional percentage of their total to cover the organization's

Does this functionality already exist in Fundraising? If not, how would I go about incorporating it?

I sincerely appreciate your time, assistance, and insight.

Many thanks!