Can the Grid Market theme be made to display "Posts" on the front page like in Elememts o

I'm hoping this question isn't too primitive but I'm new to WordPress and can really use the help, so thanks in advance.
Our current website "", which uses the Elements of SEO theme and displays the most recent post on the front page. I am developing a replacement site "", which uses the Grid Market (the child of the Frame Market theme), and when I go to "appearance/static front page/front page displays" and select "Your latest posts." I get our store not the posts. If I select "A static page" posts is not an option and when I select "Blog" blog isn't the same as post.

Is there a way to make the front page in Grid Market display the current post?

Detailed instructions will be greatly appreciated.

If it makes a difference I'm asking this question from the replacement site ""

Thanks in advance.