Can the map in Google Analytics be enhanced?

Given that the map widget can neither be clicked to go to a new full screened page nor can we drill down to see cities in a country by zooming in on the map - can we at least make the colour differentials more apparent? The gradations are so similar that you have to literally mouse over the entire map - hoping that one of the countries (until you have more traffic and the colour is more obvious) will pop-up a number for visitors...

  • DavidM

    Hi there @Alpha-1 Canada,

    Hope you're doing great today! :slight_smile:

    I think that's something we could probably do with a little admin side CSS. To make this a bit easier though, could I possibly ask for you to grant access so I could provide more specific adjustments for your use?

    If not, no problem, I'm having a look right now to see what sorts of class and ID names are used and will be posting those back. :slight_smile:


  • Alpha-1 Canada

    Hi David!
    We would certainly appreciate your assistance in making the map in your plugin more easily read in our dashboard! By granting access - do you mean through the support tab in the WPMUDEV Plugin?

    As to the changes you'll be making... where will they be made? Will you inform us of where you have modified so we can review and make any additional tweaks from our end? What about future updates to the plugin to incorporate this functionality? Will yur coding then need to be removed as it may conflict with new plugin versions?

    Please advise on the above and we can proceed.

    Many thanks!

  • DavidM

    Hi @Alpha-1 Canada,

    Really sorry for my lack of clarity earlier. Yes, I was referring to access through the support button in your Dashboard. Though I don't believe that'll be needed here.

    I also meant to say that this would likely just involve slight CSS changes, which I could provide for you here, and you could then add that using a variety of methods. I'd get you all the details on that in such case.

    However, I've looked more into this one and can see the map is using SVG as a graphic format and I don't really see an easy way to change the colors! :slight_smile:

    When hovering over the countries though, the respective country's outline is highlighted. Did you still need something more to designate the different countries?

    Or better yet, could I ask for you to provide a screenshot so we could have a look at possible solutions with that?


  • Alpha-1 Canada

    Here is the screenshot I just took of the dashboard.

    There are many issues here:

    1) The colours for the map's gradations are not significantly different. It is extremely difficult if you are looking at the countries to know if you have any visitors from a country. Until you start hovering over countries or until there is enough traffic when the country gets more colourful - that is.
    2) The plugin's dashboard is not ajaxed to allow me to move the map to a larger space - which may fix the issue if the image is larger. Since you say this is a SVG graphic - moving it to a larger space should pose no issues as it should dynamically size without degradation.

    Looking forward to you follow-up!

  • DavidM

    Hi @Alpha-1 Canada,

    Thanks for your reply. Looking more into this, that's actually Google's own provided map, with their color scheme, the color graduation representing values rather than countries.

    The map is exactly the same as provided through the Analytics dashboard, which sadly does't provide a zoom option as well.

    For that matter though, the statistics are more interactive directly through the Analytics dashboard. Would that work better for you?

    I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to provide a better solution here since it's actually Google's own code.

    You're right that since it's SVG it's scalable, but since it's Google's code, I'm not sure how that could easily be done.


  • Alpha-1 Canada

    Never mind - I was able to find a third-party solution to modifying the dashboard to show only 1 column and the map is now much bigger and we can actually see details. However, having a zoom in feature would be ideal. Also, as I'm sure - like the rest of us users, we are focused on our country but also on where else in the world we are getting traffic from. It would be ideal if a 2nd map was added. Top being for country detail - selectable from a drop down menu to dynamically change the country view - instead of going to the settings section - and the second being of the world view.

  • Alpha-1 Canada

    Actually, sorry - the larger map we are now seeing is from a competitor's Google plugin!

    Things now then about your plugin:
    1) While the main dashboard widget is responsive to the number of columns I am setting to be shown, the Full Stats page is static and the widgets contained therein cannot be rearranged.
    2) Your competitor's listings of Top Pages Referrers and Searches - are not limited - and we can see all of the entries.

    So I throw out the gauntlet to you and your team. What will you do (and how quickly) to make your plugin better than your competition's? As it stands, we have little reason to continue using yours - and one less reason to renew our subscription, yes?

  • Maniu

    Hey @Alpha-1 Canada

    I am not sure which competitor plugin you are talking about but it certainly looks powerful!

    We aim to make our GA+ plugin more powerful but we also want to keep it simple. The next thing that will be added is option to set up minimum capability to use certain plugin features. After that i will be thinking about ways to make plugin more powerful but the goal wont be to completely replace dedicated GA site.
    I cant tell you when exactly it will happen (1-2 weeks maybe).

    I certainly like drag and drop support but the problem is that WP is not making it easy to create custom pages like this. I will give it another shot!


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