Can the Unsubscribe Instantly be disabled or customized

I want to use my own unsubscribe page for which I will add a link in the content section of eNewsletter.

Is it possible to hide / disable the "Unsubscribe Instantly" feature?

Peter G

  • PC

    Hey Peter,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    If you want to remove this from the widget you can use the below CSS and it should work.

    #subscribes_form #unsubscribe { display:none; }

    If you want to remove it from the emails it can be done by editing newsletter theme that you are using.

    they are located here:

    find the theme you are using, open "template.html" file and remove unsubscribe code located at the bottom, for example:

    Not interested anymore? <a href="{UNSUBSCRIBE_URL}" style="color:#999999;" >Unsubscribe</a> Instantly.

    However this would not be an update proof way as the plugin update would wipe that off so if there is a plugin update, you would need to redo the changes in the theme.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Sales &Support

  • PC

    Hey there Peter,

    Thanks for posting back and letting me know that it works fine now.

    Sorry for the delay as I was away for a couple of days due to some personal issues.

    It would be nice if the one could change the wording like with the other sections such as the Header and content sections. The Direct Marketing Association in SA requires specific wording in the opt out section and I am sure in countries like the UK as well.

    You can try our Ultimate Branding plugin to replace the text which you want. I can try and test it on my lab site if you can tell me what text you are looking to change.

    Sales &Support

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