Can this be done? MailChimp + Membership drip campaigns?

I’m trying to launch a two-tiered membership/email autoresponder system. People can sign up for free and get a brief bit of info via my email autoresponder (preferrably run on MailChimp, but I’ll consider other options). At the end of the info is a link to a post that is behind the membership system.

I don’t want people to be able to get ahead of the content if they’re paying members (pretty sure that’s easy to do with Membership).

I want people to be able to upgrade at any time and see all of the old content.

I guess my main question is that if someone gets the freebies up through #9 (just an example), then decides they want to upgrade and go through the Membership payment system, will they get lessons 1-9 to start off and the ongoing lessons in sync with the email newsletter?

  • nbostic
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    There’s two membership levels:

    1. Free

    2. Paid

    There are 20 lessons (just an example number) that are sequential and are made available every week.

    I want people to be able to sign up at any point and start with lesson 1, in 7 days they have access to lesson 2, etc.

    Everyone gets an email with an intro to the lesson. Just the basics. Enough to get by if you don’t mind doing some research on your own. At the end of the email, there’s a link for more information.

    The link goes to my site where paid members have access. They get more in depth info, screenshots/screencasts and the ability to get help via comments.

    If a person starts out free, but gets to lesson 5 and realizes they want the whole deal, they can upgrade, but still stay on their current schedule, they just now have access to the full lesson from 1-5.

    Does that help?

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