Can Time Slots update according to the service selected?

According to my client’s needs we changed the minimum time slot to 5 minutes. When you go to book an appointment the entire calendar is filled with a very long list of 5 minute time slots, which looks quite daunting to the client.

Question 1: Is there a way to display a different time frame other than 5 minute increments by default when a client first comes to book an appointment. This is kind of tied into the next question, I suppose. If I can set the 30 minute appointment as the initial value, and the calendar will show 30 minute increments, for example, that would be optimal.

Question 2: When a client selects, say, a 30 minute service, can the booking calendar refresh to show 30 minute time slots instead of 5 minute time slots? As it is, it’s extremely confusing to the person booking an appointment because they only see 5 minute time slots even though they’ve selected a 30 minute session.

Thanks for your help!