Can Upfront be setup to use Toolset


Everything I intend to develop is based on OnTheGoSystems Toolset plugins that enable relationships between types and the ability to create a relational schema within WP..

I would like to use the Upfront theme with the Toolset plugins, to do this requires the theme to be integrated with the Layout plugin. The following is the link a page which clearly describes the changes required to the relevant php files.

It simply does not look feasible to integrate Upfront with the Toolset plugins. Can you have a look and see if I may have missed something and it is possible.

I will have to move to the Geneisis framework if Upfront cannot be integrated.

Kind regards,

  • Milan
    • WordPress Wizard

    Hello Yusef,

    Hope you are well today and thanks for asking us. :slight_smile:

    I don't thinks this would be possible anyhow, as Upfront works on page builder level and do not expose theme templates the way other themes expose. :slight_smile: It does not contains standards WordPress loop for many of theme template as it has its own way of doing things. :slight_smile:

    Main reason of making Upfront this way is that we wanted to provide our member a front end editor kind of solution, where member do not need to do any hard coding on his own.

    I suggest you go with Genesis or other possible options outlined there. :slight_smile:

  • jeff
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I'm not sure why you would use the layouts plugin with upfront?

    Won't the regions and code areas, in combination with views and toolset template shortcodes provide you with basically the same functionality, perhaps even more flexibility.

    I regulary use the full toolset suite with genesis and, sometimes using the toolset genesis integration plugin sometimes without, but all it really does is screw with Genesis markup, transposing bootstrap markup over.

    For example, the Genesis footer via the toolset integration actually becomes a col-md-12 column in a full length row, actually in the main.content area, above the sidebar and true footer area, which causes a headache when trying to make a standard genesis sticky footer. You basically have to delete the toolset layout footer from the parent layout and then include a footer in the php template.

    Layouts are good for quickly dividing up the main content area, but can just be annoying as hell for headers and footers.

    I'm going to have a play around today and see how well the upfront regions and code widgets play with toolset shortcodes. They might not play well together but it's worth a try.


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