Can user sign up for creating site and shopping on site at the same multisite?

For example say I sell Woocommerce shops, using ProSites now on given shop, I want a normal user to signup and order the product just like they can do on single WP install. members can open their own shop, and the others can sign up for shopping. Is that possible and how?

  • Kasia Swiderska
    • Support nomad

    Hello Dinesh sharma,

    User can signup to subsite to be a shop customer on that subsite - they need to do that with WooCommerce (WooCommerce does have feature for registartion users on the site - it works then like on single WordPress installation).
    On the other hand on main site, using Pro Sites users can get blogs - those two features from Woo and Pro Sites are not clashing with each other.
    As a example you provided a edublogs - but if you look closer on signup form both Educator and Student can create a blog. On that form there is no option to create only user account.

    It is possible to create account and a blog from signup form on main site, but it is only when you use default WordPress signup - in Pro Sites it means that you need to de-select option "Signup on Checkout" in general settings.

    But if you need to only have blog registration on main site and then user registration on subsites, then you use options from WooCommerce on subsites.

    kind regards,

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