Can Users Change Their Template After Site Creation?

Team WPMU,

I'm looking at streamlining my onboarding methodology and part of that requires looking at how my site holding members create their website.

If everyone goes directly to the default template (ideal for free members who don't want to blog), how can those who upgrade quickly move to a different template? And, more importantly, how can they do this on their own without having the manually re-arrange everything themselves?

I haven't found any way for a member to change their template -- is there a way?

If not (and there may not be), how do you recommend having a new user quickly (and I mean with practically zero effort) change the layout of their site into a different template?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Rob,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    It's not possible to change a "blog template" after the site has been created. I think however that you may not be referring to the "New Blog Templates" blog/site templates but to a WP themes instead, wouldn't that be right? Let me explain this a bit :slight_smile:

    The "blog template" (site template) created with "New Blog Templates" plugin is not about site layout only. Such a template is in fact a full/real site (including e.g. active plugins, their configuration and even some content such as posts, pages, medias etc). I like to call that a "reference site" then.

    Upon signup user selects one of blog/site templates and the new site is created. Such a site is a "copy" or a "clone" of that blog template ("reference site") so you may say it's a "pre-setup"/"pre-configured" ready-to-use site.

    Once the site is setup there's no way to change the "template". User (admin of that newly created site) is however free to make changes to his/her site configuration of course. They may re-configure plugins and change all other things that they would be able to change if they created the site in a "regular WP way" (with no New Blog Templates plugin).

    That being said, you asked:

    how do you recommend having a new user quickly (and I mean with practically zero effort) change the layout of their site into a different template?

    The site layout is a "theme" and not a "template" (though "theme" is built of the "templates"). As these two are often confused, I can understand why the New Blog Templates plugin name may be causing confusion here as well. User (admins) of sub-sites may switch their site themes anytime with no additional requirements and New Blog Templates doesn't block this. As long as there are "network enabled" themes setup on your Multisite Network sub-site admins may go to their site's dashboards and on "Appearance -> Themes" page switch layout to any of those available there.

    I hope that makes sense. In case I missed anything and/or you had any further questions on this, let me know please and I'll be glad to assist you.

    Kind regards,

  • jetmac

    Hey, Adam,

    Sadly, I know exactly the difference between them and am looking specifically at the ability to switch templates.

    We only have one theme, but it is highly configurable and we have pre-made templates for specific use cases.

    The free (default) template is made to be a simple landing page for the member.

    Other templates are configured for Blogging, commerce, etc and require payment.

    With the onboarding flow, we have to make the site before they pay. We currently use two forms for that, one has a site choice, one does not.

    It would be awesome if site template could be an actual field in Gravity Forms, but it isn't, so we can't use any logic to direct the user where to go after template selection.

    It's OK - we have a fairly unique user case. We'll figure it out.

    Still, if at all possible to make Site Template an actual selection field in Gravity Forms instead of a kind of add on at the end, it would make things a lot easier and likely for more than just my limited use case.

    Thanks for the timely answer, I appreciate it.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Rob,

    Thank you for your replay!

    I just felt I'd better explain the workflow and the difference here as those are often being confused. I hope you don't mind that.

    As I mentioned, it's not possible to switch "site template" once it's selected although site's admins are free to make changes to the site's once they are created. The New Blog Templates plugin does work with Gravity Forms but it is a "kind of add-on". I'm aware that many members of our community did use New Blog Templates with Gravity Forms in quite a nice way (hooking it up in different ways) but unfortunately not so long ago developers of Gravity Forms changed their code significantly and those two plugins didn't even work together for a while. Luckily our developers were able to "hook them back together" so there is an integration. I'm however afraid that it's "as is" and although it may be possible to improve/change the way it works it would require quite a lot of custom coding.

    Best regards,

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