Can Users Create Their Own Fundraisers?

Hello All,

I actually already know the answer to this question, but wanted to raise discussion about the possibility of adding this feature to the WPMUDEV Fundraiser plugin which would make it the Ultimate Fundraiser Plugin! :slight_smile:

The site below currently uses a different plugin called Personal Fundraiser because it empowers individual users to create their own personal fundraiser pages from the front end of the site. That’s the only reason we did not use the WPMUDEV Fundraiser plugin on this particular site. We need it to provide self service fundraising support for users.

You can see the Personal Fundraiser plugin at work on this site:

Plugin settings control whether or not users must register to create a fundraiser and whether or not created fundraisers must be approved before going live.

It would be AWESOME if the WPMUDEV plugin incorporated such a feature with an option setting for users to create their own personal fundraiser from the front en d of the site. This plugin allows front end fundraiser creation option and limits user dashboard access to only the fundraisers they created.

Soooooooooo anyone else who could use this feature?

Thanks for considering this request.

Phil D

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @soobahkdo

    This has been suggested a couple of times, but I believe it would require a major rewrite to allow for multiple PayPal accounts on the same site. Plus, getting all that functionality onto the front-end of the site.

    But it would be a brilliant update, now wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

    The obvious alternative is to create a network where users could create their own sites with as many of their own fundraisers as they like.

    You could even use New Blog Templates and Easy Blogging plugins to make their experience as simple as can be. See this thread for more on that:

    But I’ll move this to the Features & Feedback forum to give it more exposure in the community.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Patrick,

    Let me clarify.

    The Personal Fundraiser plugin only uses a single PayPal account for a “cause.”

    Users select a cause they want to support and then create a personal fundraiser page that collects donations toward their selected “cause.”

    The real feature set I am requesting is for users to be able to create their own fundraiser pages (right from the front end) with those pages related to the “cause” they have selected to support and all user page donations are directed into the common “cause’s” single paypal account.

    Please add this clarification to the feature request as multiple PayPal accounts was not intended to be not part of it.

    Although that would also be cool. :slight_smile:


    Phil D

    Related thread about the same request.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Patrick,

    In looking at my original title of this thread, for clarity I probably should have said,

    “Can users create their own personalized PAGES to support an existing fundraiser?”

    I understand that could be done through the dashboard and use of a particular fundraiser’s shortcodes in multiple pages for the same fundraiser, but that is WAAAAAY too technical to expect individuals to do all that when they are just interested in raising funds, not learning how to use a website. And admins probably do not want to have to build every page for every person. Yuck.

    The Personal Fundraiser plugin only needs one PayPal account to receive funds because it operates on the principle that all proceeds from all personal pages created by users go to the single recipient entity as configured by the site admin.

    Personal Fundraiser’s main purpose is to allow individuals to VERY EASILY create customized pages on the front end of the site and upload their own photo and draft their own “ask” and define a custom url for their page, so they can then immediately solicit all their potential sponsors via social media, email etc. to support the common cause setup by the site admin.

    For me, this plugin’s appeal is that the user does everything through one modal popup box on the front end and in 30 seconds they are done and have a fully functional personalized page through which they can begin using immediately collecting donations for the related cause/fundraiser. The plugin can even be configured so logging in is not even required to create a personalized page. Of course moderation and admin approval may be set “on” for those.

    If they need to edit their personal fundraiser page, they visit their page on the front end and click the edit button on the front end of the site and the modal popup appears and they can modify their personal page.

    Users never need to see a dashboard. They just need to fill out a few fields in the modal popup box, then they can begin collecting donations instantly with a page displaying their photo and their personal “asking” message and their personal URL.

    For example 50 people planning to participate in a walk-a-thon for whatever cause could each visit a site which has Personal Fundraiser active on it and and configured by the site admin to support that cause. Each of them can VERY EASILY create their own personal fundraiser pages and thus collect donations online in addition to manually collected donations. The plugin can be configured to involve no work from the site admin once the main cause/fundraiser and PayPal account is configured.

    Does that help clarify the functionality?

    I envision that in WPMUDEV Fundraiser the additional feature set that would accomplish very similar functionality would be the addition of a means for users to create additional personal pages linked to a fundraiser already defined by the site admin. Since the site admin already configures the fundraisers in WPMUDEV Fundraiser nothing is different here.

    What I perceive could be added to WPMUDEV Fundraiser to accomplish~integrate the functions of Personal Fundraiser is a template system that would carry forth an existing fundraiser’s shortcodes into any new pages created for that particular fundraiser by users through a front end editor that allows them to upload a photo, add their own message and set their page URL.

    Then, in the settings for WPMUDEV a new admin option setting might be added:

    Allow users to create personal pages for this fundraiser? yes/no

    If yes, then the fundraiser page templating and front end editor functionality is activated.

    If No, then everything stays as it is now.

    If Santa will bring that down my chimney, then there will surely be peace and Goodwill throughout the world. :slight_smile:

    This may have taken me longer to explain than it would to code it. The bane of being a Texan. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    Now that is a clear and concise summary of a feature request! Thanks!

    However, unless all monies collected are destined to remain in a the collective pot, the distribution of that money to the various users is still an issue to be addressed.

    To use your same example: 50 people in a walkathon collect pledges via their personal fundraiser page. They would then need to acquire the funds in order to remit them to whomever is responsible for walkathon. Can’t really expect a site admin to handle all that.

    I would think that would require at least an way for Fundraisers that are “shared” to tally the amounts collected and display them by user ID/email in an additional column of information

    An internal function could then be triggered to create a PayPal masspay file with the appropriate amounts for each user. The site admin could then easily handle the distribution of funds.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Patrick,

    Your scenario and features are even more sophisticated than our needs. I do like your ideas and can see where they would apply to a different scenario than the one I intended.

    I can envision the scenario you describe and it would apply if a single site were going to run multiple fundraisers for multiple recipient entities, then the features you describe would be needed. For example, if the site were going to have 10 non-profit entities that it raises funds for and if users could create personal pages for any one of those 10 non-profit causes and raise funds for any one of them, then your features for distributing funds raised to the multiple non-profit entities would be needed along with additional reporting. However, even in this case there would not be a need to redistribute funds to the person who raised them, rather only to the intended recipient entities.

    In our scenario, the site admin/non-profit entity (or the PayPal account owner configured in the plugin) is the ultimate recipient of all funds from those who have created personal pages to help raise funds for our cause. As such there is no need to distribute collected funds back to the individuals who raised them, since those individuals would only be turning the funds back in to the site admin/org they raised them for anyway.

    In fact, in our case as a non-profit, redistributing the funds would not be prudent since donors only get a tax deduction if the funds go directly to the non-profit recipient entity.

    Personal Fundraiser and WPMUDEV Fundraiser both assume the site admin (or the PayPal account owner configured in either plugin) is the recipient of funds raised. That is ok as is for our needs.

    Personal Fundraiser creates a list of all donors for a personal fundraiser’s page and they can be listed and displayed via shortcode on the personal page. This is great feedback for the person raising funds and other donors may be inspired to give more when they see others listed on the page as they are donating.

    Scroll down on the following page to see the list of donors to this personal fundraiser page.

    Back to the original feature request, my primary request is to add a feature to WPMUDEV Fundraiser that will empower individuals to quickly and VERY EASILY create their own personalized page for a fundraiser that has already been setup by the site admin and which empowers the user to have their supporters submit donations to the fundraiser cause through their personal page and that they can create their pages without ever seeing a dashboard.

    Thanks for the dialog.

    Phil D

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    @soobahkdo & @be

    As we’ve actually described 3 different use-cases which could benefit from enhancements to Fundraising, let’s summarize this feature request so it’s clear for both the developer and the project manager… yep, we have those now :slight_smile:

    All 3 use-cases would require additional functionality to enable users to clone a fundraising page via the front-end and enter custom title and content. Each personal page would have a progress bar displaying the tally of funds collected via that page, and an optional display of donors/contributors.

    1. Single fundraiser as defined by admin.

    All funds collected by all users via their personal pages remain in a single “kitty” which is destined to a single cause, as defined by the site admin, and is remitted by the site admin as a lump sum to that cause.

    2. Multiple fundraisers as defined by admin.

    Users could select one of several fundraisers for their personal page, as defined by the site admin, to which they wish to contribute. The site admin handles remittance of funds collected directly to the causes supported.

    3. Multiple fundraisers as defined by users.

    Users define their own cause they wish to support on their personal page. Site admin handles remittance of funds collected to the users, who are responsible for ultimate remittance of funds to their causes.

    Apart from the front-end page-cloning feature, the functionality for #1 & #2 already exists in the plugin.

    Additional reporting/filtering options in the backend would be required for #3, and would be very handy for #1 & #2.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Patrick,

    With respect to scenarios #1 & # 2 I concur with you that WPMUDEV Fundraiser can already accomplish these except for the user being able to create a personal page via the front end to support an existing fundraiser. Also to clarify, the user can also set their page url when they create their personal page to promote an existing fundraiser.

    Yes additional reporting per user would be great for #1 & #2.

    As for scenario #3, as currently described it drifts into territory that is way different that #1 or #2 and seems the most complex feature to add. This in not a feature I am advocating at this time although it would be awesome and would present a revenue opportunity for a network owner when implemented as described below.

    Scenario 3 seems to be more like rather than the feature I initially proposed.

    In Scenario #3 a couple of concerns cause me to recommend an alternate approach for accomplishing this objective.

    First, I suggest that in a scenario where individuals would received the funds they raised through a personal fundraiser page, (this is not the same scenario as a cloned page of an existing fundraiser owned by the site admin) then in that case the user should enter their own PayPal account during setup and receive those funds directly. (except perhaps for a % the admin automatically extracts for providing the service platform like in MarketPress.)

    This would minimize risk for a site owner who is providing the fundraising platform and would protect the site owner from instances where a user might represent something to donors in order to get donations through their personal fundraiser page and then after the site admin has collected the funds and turned the funds over to the user, the user never forwards the funds to the intended recipient entity that they represented to the donor. In such a case, the site admin could become an unwitting accomplice to fraudulent activity because they were actually involved in handling the money. This risk is avoided for the site owner if the user enters a PayPal account to receive funds collected through their fundraiser page directly. Then any misrepresentation or misdirection of funds would fall directly on the user. (The site admin could safely still extract a % for providing the service and do so without being involved in the actual transaction.)

    For example, if a user raising funds for a non-profit 501c3 charitable entity through their personal page tells their donors that the funds collected through their personal page are going to the charitable entity (the donor may be entitled to a tax deductible receipt for their donation) and the site admin collects such funds and then turns the collected funds over to the user who never remits them to the non-profit, then the site admin became unwittingly involved in a scam. HOWEVER, if the user had set their own PayPal account to receive the funds and if the user had made any misrepresentations about the destination of those funds to donors, then only the user is involved in the fraudulent activity. The site owner providing the service could have taken a percentage of all funds raised as their service fee without becoming actually involved in the collection and redistribution of funds.

    Market Press already has the coding for a network owner to take a % of all sales through stores on subsites, and that is the scenario I would recommend for scenario #3 in order to protect the network owner from the activities of the individual site admins using WPMUDEV Fundraiser and/or their users creating personal pages to collect funds.

    The point about #3 that differs from #1 & #2 is that in both #1 & #2 the site admin is the culpable party for assuring funds collected are remitted to the target entity.

    However, in scenario #3 each and every user who would receive funds through a fundraiser are all culpable to remit those funds to the target entity and if the network owner or a site admin is in the middle of all those transactions, then risk escalates.

    For now, I am only advocating the addition of support for #1 & #2.

    Thanks for the dialog.

    Hope I did not muddy the waters.

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown

    Hi @patrick Cohen

    To use your same example: 50 people in a walkathon collect pledges via their personal fundraiser page. They would then need to acquire the funds in order to remit them to whomever is responsible for walkathon. Can’t really expect a site admin to handle all that.

    I would think that would require at least an way for Fundraisers that are “shared” to tally the amounts collected and display them by user ID/email in an additional column of information

    An internal function could then be triggered to create a PayPal masspay file with the appropriate amounts for each user. The site admin could then easily handle the distribution of funds.

    This scenario (which I don’t think fits into 123) is what we would LOVE to have..

    re 3

    Users define their own cause they wish to support on their personal page. Site admin handles remittance of funds collected to the users, who are responsible for ultimate remittance of funds to their causes.

    as above – Would concern us relying on many other unknown entities to distribute in an appropriate manner.

    While you could no doubt get around that obstacle by legal disclaimer, it would none the less not be an appealing option to us at this time.

    Although if the above mass pay distribution was implemented there would perhaps be no need to rely on “each raiser” to distribute funds wherever.. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey


    You are absolutely correct about the risk of misrepresentation or misdirection of funds. So let’s consider #3 amended. :slight_smile:


    Yep, the “walkathon” type of scenario also merits more reflection. Perhaps instead of remitting funds collected directly to the users with masspay to avoid the risks as above, a list of amounts collected by each user could be appended to a lump-sum payment to the event organizer (likely the admin).

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Patrick,

    I do agree with some way to track the amounts raised by each person raising funds. (Regardless of how the funds are ultimately transferred to the target entity.)

    For example, in the Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts and our case, prizes and other awards may be available to individuals raising funds for a common cause, so those individual amounts need to be known along with the individual fundraiser contact info and made accessible (spreadsheet export?) to the prize awarding entity for sorting and organizing prize winners.

    I can feel the “Ultimate Fundraiser” plugin shaping up now. :slight_smile:

  • be
    • WP Core Meltdown


    Yep, the “walkathon” type of scenario also merits more reflection. Perhaps instead of remitting funds collected directly to the users with masspay to avoid the risks as above, a list of amounts collected by each user could be appended to a lump-sum payment to the event organizer (likely the admin).

    We could live with that, lump payment for them to distribute although the mass pay option would be a real winner in so far as the “hands off ” fundraising approach – we deal with lots of NFPs and this is a major attraction.

    While we could make a feature of either option –

    We send you payment for distribution (in my mind puts us back to #3 but in a different process)


    We send all payments due

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero


    To recap my initial request, it is to add to WPMUDEV’s Fundraiser plugin a front end page cloning~creation and editing ability for an existing fundraiser so that users who want to support a published fundraiser never need to access the dashboard (unless they want to). The goal is to empower many individual users to support published fundraisers by creating their own personalized pages from with they can collect donations toward the primary published fundraiser. All funds raised through all individual user pages are retained by the owner of the primary fundraiser.

    AND let’s not forget these requested tweaks: :slight_smile:

    Not to go hawking someone else’s wares here :slight_smile: but for those seeking to immediately accomplish the expanded scope of other points raised in this discussion, the majority of those features seem to be covered excellently by the following 3rd party themes and their related plugins. They are not all free so be prepared to invest some coin to go this route.

    These also provide front side user editing in addition to standard dashboard editing of fundraising campaign pages and sophisticated reporting plus dozens of add-ons and a mobile app and multisite support.

    Responsive theme FUNDIFY ($60) for hosting and presenting multiple campaigns created by users

    Responsive theme CAMPAIGNIFY ($55) that focuses on presenting a single campaign

    They also provide step by step theme configuration videos and they provide an XML file with the themes that you can import at initial configuration and it provides all the pre-configured pages, menus, sample data, etc that you need to configure a new site using their step-by-step video. You can have the whole site up and configured with sample data in about 15 minutes. Here’s what we had up in that time. (oooops admin only access for now)

    You will also need

    Their Easy Digital Downloads plugin (FREE)

    This plugin is essentially a sales cart software that does way more that just digital downloads and integrates with several payment gateways and many add-ons.

    Their Crowdfunding plugin (FREE) for collecting deferred payments when fundraising campaign goal is met.

    Optionally, you might need their PayPal Adaptive Payments plugin ($49 single to $123 unlimited)

    to pay multiple payment receivers

    Anyone pressed for time who needs the additional scope features discussed (sorta like #3 and more) can get them with this setup and be raising funds in an hour.

  • Pete
    • New Recruit

    I’ve now found this thread as its exactly what I am trying to achieve:

    A site where users and admins can create their own “fundraisers” with all money raised going to a common paypal account.

    Buddypress installed for each user to have their own profile.

    A list of fundraisers they’ve created show on their profile.

    The use case behind this is for a charity I work with where members sign up and pledge to be the designated driver for a particular event or party. They create the fundraiser on their profile/page etc. and get people to pledge to have this member drive them home.

    All pledges need to go to the charity’s common paypal account, and any member must be able to create their own fundraiser from the front end eg. “This Friday I’m driver for Joe’s Party – Pledge $5 for a seat in my car” etc.

    My client is very keen on this and we are willing to pay for development.

  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hello Pete,

    You can accomplish a big chunk of what you are wanting to do with the Personal Fundraiser Plugin.

    The Personal Fundraiser plugin only uses a single PayPal account.

    You can configure as many “causes” as you want user to be able to select from and users create their own personal “campaign” pages for a cause they select.

    Users select a “cause” they want to support and then create their own personal fundraiser page from the front end and they collect donations through their personal pages and all donations are directed into the single PayPal account configured by the site admin.

    I found the Personal Fundraiser Plugin to be a bit quirky to configure, but we now use it on multiple sites and it works fine once configured.

    You can see it in action here where we only have a single “cause” configured.

    The individual user “campaign” pages that they created can be seen here:

    If you are configuring it on a singel site then thats all you need.

    However, if you want to configure it to work on a subsite of a multisite network and you do not want users directed to the main site or the network login page when logging it or out, then you will also need the plugin Wp Members

    Configure WP Members with a “user profile” page and a “register” page and then site users can log in and/or recover their password right from the front end of the subsite when you use the login widget of the plugin. (Other log in widgets may not behave as expected. We tried tons of em.)

    Lastly, to prevent users from being redirected to the network login page when they log out, you will also need the WPMUDEV plugin Logout Redirect

    Set the log out url to any page on the subsite. That will keep users on the subsite when they log out.

    Your “self service” fundraising site can be up and collecting funds in less than an hour. This should get you 80% to 90% to where you want to go with your project.

    If this helps you, please send me a few points. :slight_smile:

    Best of luck,

    Phil D

  • jimmy
    • New Recruit

    Hi Phil,

    I am trying to achieve almost exactly what pete is trying to achieve. Thanks for all your input. I love your site, and it is nearly where i want to be.

    i have bought all the suggested plugins and themes and played around with various solutions, but there are a couple of stumbling blocks:

    1. adaptive payments: we’d really prefer it if we could split the money a couple of ways for admin purposes, because there are two charities involved with their own paypal accounts and percentages. Can this be done with the paypal adaptive payments plugin in conjunction with the personal fundraiser plugin do you know?

    2. (the bigger problem) we really need the buddypress functionality (profile, wall, friending etc.), which is what brought us to the Fundraising plugin in the first place, so there would have to be a way for a specific user’s campaign/campaigns to be pulled into the buddypress profile. Do you know if that would be possible?

    Thanks again for taking the time to share your process in the forum, it’s already been immensely helpful. Glad to see there are other people out there trying to achieve the same thing!


  • SooBahkDo
    • Syntax Hero

    Hi Jimmy,

    Unfortunately, I do not have any Buddypress experience, but it may be possible to accomplish some of the additional display needs inside profile pages, etc. by using the shortcodes each of these plugins provide.

    Using the Personal Fundraiser plugin, when users log into the site they will see all available “causes” and ONLY THEIR “campaigns” listed in their dashboard just as they do posts and pages. I assume this would be the same inside Buddypress. The “causes” and “campaigns” seem to be custom post types so they behave as such.

    If you want users who log into the fundraising site where Personal Fundraiser is active to have higher privileges than just viewing all available “causes” and “campaigns” then you may need another plugin that sets a user’s privileges automatically when they join a site on the network. We use Multisite User Management plugin for this purpose.

    It allows the network super admin to set the default user role of new users on a site-by-site basis. We have some sites on the network that we want new users to be able to contribute to as soon as they join so we configure all new users on those sites to have the role of contributor. On other sites on the network we only want new users to have access to their profile so we set new user roles as subscribers. It works great for us.

    Also, I have not yet configured the Adaptive Payments plugin that I recommended, so please report back about your experience with that. As I understand the adaptive payments feature of PayPal (very limited) it allows you to parse out disbursements to any number of payment receivers and/or extract a portion of each transaction.

    I “think” this is how WPMUDEV MarketPress plugin uses adaptive payments and I “think” this is how it works when it is network activated and configured so that the network owner retains a % of all sales occurring on all stores across all sites on the network.

    However, I am not aware of any such functionality built into WPMUDEV Fundraiser, :slight_frown: which is what generated my recommendations about the alternative fundraising plugins above. (If I am wrong, I trust someone from WPMUDEV will correct any misstatements I may be making)

    As I mentioned, I have not yet tried out the Adaptive Payment plugin. I also cannot speak as to whether or not it can be used with the Personal Fundraiser plugin. Totally different developers.

    If you need to send funds to more than one PayPal account, then one way to do that would be to use Personal Fundraiser and activate it on two different subsites on a multisite network and then each site owner would configure their own PayPal account and all proceeds collected through their respective site would go directly to their respective PayPal account.

    If you cannot accomplish your funds splitting goals using individual independent sites collecting funds, then its probably time to leave Personal Fundraiser behind and work on configuring the other plugins, themes and the Adaptive Payment plugin I recommended. They seem to be designed precisely for that purpose.

    Please report back on your experience with them and best of luck.

    Phil D

    P.S. throw some points at me if this helps you out. :slight_smile:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi @jimmy & @soobahkdo & @pete

    Happy New Year guys! :slight_smile:


    Yep, as @soobahkdo suggested, you could probably integrate Fundraising with BuddyPress profiles using Fundraising shortcodes in a custom BP component that you would need to create.

    You would also need to write a custom function to display only those fundraisers created by the displayed user.

    If you need help with creating a custom component for BuddyPress, please create a new topic and ping me @patrick Cohen

    I’ll try to help out with other custom stuff too, but may need to call in some bigger guns for that. :slight_smile:

  • jimmy
    • New Recruit

    Thanks @patrick Cohen, I appreciate the help. The problem with the solution you suggest is that i need users to be able to create campaigns front end. I think that’s the original question in this thread, and i think the answer is no, right?

    If there’s no way around that, i can’t go the fundraising route. Unfortunately, Personal Fundraiser plugin is broken in 3.8 as well, so i am hooped and will have to try some more juggling with the fundify theme and easy digital downloads i’m afraid…

    Thanks again though! Happy New Year. I’ll keep an eye out for future releases.


  • Pierre B. Gourde
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    This would be one of the best items (along with the ability to export the data….) that could be added. I am going to run such a fundraiser but instead of having it done autmaticaly, I am going to have them created manually. Keep it simple: most times there is no need to distribute money to various organiszations, people just want to raise money for the main pot withouth having to deal with the money directly!

  • Carlen
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Would really love to see this integrated with buddypress. Ideally people could create their own fundraisers and then use paypal chained payments to take a small cut of the fundraising to cover for overhead expenses.

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