Can users exclude categories for themselves on frontpage?

Is there a way or a plugin /probably on userprofiles/ that enables the users to exclude some categories on the front page (or on the whole site)?
If the users dont want to see posts related to e.g. soccer on the front page, can they exclude them so these posts dont show up for them?



  • Mason
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    The only way I've seen this done is on a theme basis as in Theme Options. A few of our themes have this capability and many others out there do as well.

    Are you wanting individual site admins on a multi-site install to be able to do this? It's not really possible through a plugin, as each theme interprets what's displayed on the homepage a bit differently.


  • bepe
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    Thanks for the prompt answer.
    Can you tell me which themes of yours have this capability?
    And can you confirm that this means that each registered users can set the categories he/she wants to see on the front page?
    Thx again :slight_smile:


  • Mason
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    Hiya P,

    Don't know of a list off the top of my head (though I'm pretty sure BuddyPress Corporate has it and BP Magainze as well). Really, any theme with a "magazine" styled front page would allow for different categories to show up.

    I believe the Genesis theme framework allows for this based on category ID, but can't think of any others off the top of my head.

    Hope this helps.


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