Can we flush out 301 redirects


We recently changed our main site domain URL as well as re-built much of the content & page structure (nb. we have cleared SQL tables - post & postmeta of all obsolete data), before submitting new sitemaps to the search engines.

Now we are now trying to figure out why, when checking the crawl results, many of our pages are listed in 2 formats - 1 correctly eg: "" & 1 incorrectly: "http://sitename/page" to which a 301 redirect then points it to the correct page containing the "/" at the end?

As we are not sure where this 301 redirect functionality is happening (is it in SmartCrawl?), can you advise how this is happening & if we can or should flush them out in some way?

Many thanks

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello BizE,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Once you change your site's URLs the 301 redirect is a good thing for Google because it informs crawlers that the site was "moved permanently". However it may take those crawlers some time to index new URLs and get rid of previous ones.

    I think that in order to speed this process up you could just manually delete the sitemaps (via FTP) and then re-submit them to Google Webmasters Tools when new ones are created.

    Unfortunately, in case of Google (and other search engines) and its crawlers it's usually a matter of... patience :slight_smile:

    I hope that helps and if you have any further questions regarding this, please ask and I'll be happy to assist.


  • BizE

    Hi Adam

    Thanks for that and I confirm that we have been manually submitting sitemaps to Google & Bing during this period. You mention though, about deleting old sitemaps (via FTP)? So does that mean that even if we are submitting new sitemaps, that our server still has residual data from old sitemaps on it? If so, yes we must delete these and would appreciate it if you could get back to confirm which folder we can find them in.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey BizE!

    So does that mean that even if we are submitting new sitemaps, that our server still has residual data from old sitemaps on it?

    I suggested it as a way to make sure that those new maps are indeed "new". Since you have already submitted new maps I don't think it would be necessary.

    That said, just to make sure - is the site in question under the "bigrock...." domain of yours? If so, I've just checked it with Google and got 56 search results, all of them correctly pointing to the "" (with "/" at the end), opening with no redirection. Also, I've randomly checked a few of those results with Pingdom Tools and no redirection was detected.

    This would mean that Google has picked up all the URLs correctly now.


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