Can we have different time range for different services?

Hello, I want to offer two services to my customers. As i am the only person who consult clients. I have different times for different services. For example Mon-Wed for service1 and Thursday-Sat for Service2. How can i do this with Appointments+?


  • Nastia

    Hello @Kireeti, I hope you are well today!

    Thank you for your question!

    Yes, you can have different times for different services. Please navigate from your Dashboard to Appoitments+ -> Settings -> Services Tab -> Add New Service, locate Duration (mins) time and set it to the one you wish.

    You can as well change the time base for the Duration option, the minimum time that will be effective for durations, appointment and schedule intervals. Please navigate to Appoitments+ -> Settings -> General tab -> Time base (minutes) and change the duration from 10 min to 120 min.

    I hope this helps! If you have any other questions or would like us to clarify anything else, please, let me know. We are always glad to help in any way we can.


  • Nastia

    Hello @Kireeti, I trust that you are well today!

    You can achieve this only if you create two service providers.

    One Provider for Service 1 from Mon to Wed, and the other provider for Service 2 from Thu to Sat.

    Once you create two providers, you can edit their working hours as it is shown in the attached screenshot.
    - Provider 1 will work from Mon to Wed
    - Provider 2 will work from Thu to Sat

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you require any additional information!


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