can we install multisite just to have access to your mu plugins, but run only 1 site?

We might not need to create a big network and give customers sites or blogs.

However we want to build a community, and use the functions that your plugins offer, but most of them need multisite installation.

Can we just run our site (1 site) on multisite installation to use your community plugins? or do you recomend just go and play-edit with buddypress?



  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi @victor_espejo,

    Welcome to the forums.

    The easy answer to this question is, it depends on which plugins you’re looking to use! All of the project pages for our plugin contain a “compatibility” section which gives an indication as to which installations they will work with, either WordPress (single site) Multisite, or BuddyPress.

    For example, will work with all three systems, whereas requires either Multisite or BuddyPress, so will not work on a single site installation.

    With that said, you can set up a Multisite installation that contains just one site, and you can disable users ability to register their own sub-site, which means you would effectively still have a single site but can use the Multisite plugins.

    Hope that helps and hasn’t just confused you even more! :slight_smile:

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