Can we set up a subpage for each page in Pay Per View?

We would like to set up a Pay Per View site so that each time someone buys access to a page, the page they have "bought" would contain a link to a subpage that would be unique to that page. For example, if someone bought access to a page called "The Atlantic Ocean," the page would have a link to a subpage with extra details about the Atlantic. If they bought a page about another ocean, a link in there would send readers to a subpage about that ocean's details.

In both situations, the subpages would also be protected, so they can be only accessed by the person who bought the page.

I know the question arises of why we don't just put the information on the subpage onto the main page, but to keep the length of this question somewhat manageable, I'll leave all our reasons for doing this out for now. Let's just assume that there really is a good reason why we want a page and a subpage for each purchase.

How can this best be done?

Thanks very much!