Can WHMCS WP Integration plugin allow Multisite login with WHMCS credentials?


Not sure if WHMCS WP Integration plugin can do this :

I'm creating a multisite for my WHMCS clients. With this plugin, can my clients login to the multisite with the same WHMCS client area login details without having to register a user site?

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  • Timothy Bowers

    There isn't a single sign up with the integration plugin.

    This simply embeds WHMCS within your WP site.

    Or WHMCS Provisioning plugin?

    If so then the following is applicable:

    1. If a user does not already exist on WordPress as determined by matching the WHMCS Clients email with the WordPress users email, a new user will be created using the WHMCS Client’s email address and the portion before the ‘@’ as the users name. If you are Accepting Orders in Admin before creation you can change the default username there. Once the username is created it cannot be changed.

    2. If the WHMCS clients email address already exists as a user in WordPress, the WordPress user account
    will override what you may put in WHMCS. WordPress user names can not be changed and this is enforced in WHMCS.

    3. WHMCS generates random passwords when creating a service. If a new WordPress user is
    created as a result this random password is the password for the new user. If the user already exists
    in WordPress WHMCS still generates a random password but it does NOT change the WordPress password.
    WHMCS can change the password on WordPress but WordPress password changes will not be feed back to WHMCS.

    4. Each WHMCS service creates different random passwords so they will not match if a Client has more than one
    service at the same WordPress site.

    5. The current version is from WHMCS to WordPress only. Some fields will sync to WHMCS automatically such as username, domain, path. Changes to these are locked out at WHMCS admin.

    6. Passwords may be changed from WHMCS Admin but they DO NOT feed back from WordPress to WHMCS. WordPress passwords are hashed and can’t be read.

    Take care.

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