Can Width of the Box Frame be increased


How do I increase the width of the box frame on my website without disturbing the content and pictures? And if i can increase the width will the slider box images also stretch in width accordingly or will it leave too much white space on sides?

I have attached the snapshot. Black pen arrow shows the box that I want to increase/stretch in width. Yellow marker shows the slideshow area. If the width can be increased will the slider area also stretch as per current ratio or will it leave too much white space on sides.

  • Vaughan

    Hi shireen,

    Hope you're well?

    You can adjust the width using CSS.

    Please add the following to your theme style.css

    #wrapper.boxed-all {
      width: 1200px !important;

    Be aware tho, as you have an image in the header, increasing the width is going to stretch it.

    The above will increase all the page width, but not the actual content, so it will create whitespace either side. So we will also need to adjust the page content width too.

    #wrapper.boxed-all #main-content {
      width: 95% !important;

    Unfortunately, doing this will certainly affect the images in the slider itself.

    But from what I can see in my browser and using firebug, it doesn't actually look that bad, the images are bit more zoomed in. But hardly noticeable at the dimensions i posted above.

    Hope this helps

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