Can WordPress Membership do this?

I would like to use the Membership plugin on a client site, the client has a sales page where people will buy a lifetime membership to his site, the sales page is totally separate to the WP installation, from the sales page the new buyer will be sent to paypal to pay their one-off lifetime fee, once paid then there will be a URL in paypal which will direct them then to the WP site in order to register.

So basically my client will only have one type of membership and as far as WP membership plugin would be concerned it would be a free membership.

After they have registered at the WP site they should then be able to login - after login we want to send them to a specific page on the site a Welcome Member page if you will and each time they log on in the future they are automatically sent to this same welcome member page.

Can Membership plugin handle this situation, the gateway will be turned off and membership will be lifetime free.

I ask because my client originally had another Membership plugin installed on the site (not by me) and I have tried every way I can but cannot get it to work with the above scenario. It allows a person to register, it sends an email with login link, username and provides password - when you then go and login it sends you to another login screen asking you to select subscription type with a NEXT button, the next button never takes them anywhere else, so the person would have paid, registered at the site and then never be able to access the protected areas that they paid for - not good and as I say, I have tried to get this to work but it will not so I would really like to use your plugin but want to know, before I go uninstalling the other one if WP membership can handle that kind of scenario?

Sorry for long post but needed to explain the client needs for his membership site.

If it can is there is anything specific I need to make sure I do when I am congifuring everything, please let me know.

Thanks for any help and by the way, recent member and I can't wait to get my hands on all the new shiny plugins LOL


  • DavidM

    Hello Sue,

    First of all, welcome to WPMU DEV! We're glad you're here!

    What you're describing sounds perfectly viable with Membership. The scenario you've given sounds very much like the most basic setup of Membership.

    If you don't want visitors/strangers to see anything at all on the site, then you'll only need to setup one Membership level in the Membership > Edit Levels menu. You wouldn't even need to supply any rules in this scenario. You'll want to be sure to Activate this new Membership level once it's created.

    You'll also only need one Subscription level which you would create in the Membership > Edit Subscriptions menu, and you would set to the "indefinite" mode. You can then drag and drop the above Membership level right onto this Subscription level. You'll want to be sure to Activate and Make Public, this new Subscription level once it's created.

    Once that's done, you can just visit the Membership > Edit Gateways page and setup your PayPal settings. You'll then want to Activate the PayPal gateway.

    And after that, you can setup all the basic options in the Membership > Edit Options page. You may want to spend a bit of time here familiarizing yourself with all the settings.

    At the end of all this, you can simply visit the Membership > Membership page and Enable it!

    As far as sending members to a welcome page upon login, while Membership won't automatically get them there, that can easily be achieved with our Login Redirect plugin.

    And I believe that should about cover your entire scenario. Please feel free to ask any further questions before going through the process!


  • SusanHope

    Hi David

    Thanks again for the help you have already given. I have now installed the plugin on a test site of mine and am trying to recreate what my client wants and I think I have hit a problem but perhaps it is just I have confused myself so perhaps you can help.

    His members will have already paid in paypal for their lifetime membership BEFORE they get anywhere near his actual wordpress membership site so obviously they can't be charged again when they get to his wp site, so far that is all good following what you said above, however, I have a worry - in his paypal account he needs to supply the link directly to the registration form on his site (that does not charge them again) BUT in order that casual visitors to the site cannot access the registration form (and therefore gain access to all his content) I have had to make the Registration page non accessable by the stranger group (casual visitor) and I can't use the normal WP login page because they need to select their lifetime subscription and the problem is, that his previously paid up member will arrive at the site the first time, as far as WP membership is concerned, effectively as a casual visitor who cannot view the registration form.

    Also, I cannot make absolutely everything unavailable to the casual visitors because he will also put a guest welcome page so that he doesn't lose a sale of a possible casual visitor to the site - all the casual visitor (or stranger) needs to see if they go to his wp site is the guest welcome page that will contain a link straight back to his actual sales page where if the want membership will then buy it there by going through paypal first.

    I know this is all very confusing and an odd situation but my client wants to have people sign-up to his course (contained on the wp membership site) via his actual sales page which is a totally different page/url.

    If I have not explained that very well or you need further explanations, please let me know.


  • DavidM

    Hi Sue,

    My apologies for the delay this time. I was busy looking for some way to make this scenario work.

    I somehow seem to have misunderstood the bit about the external sales page handling the payment processing itself. Membership isn't built to work in that way. My apologies for missing that.

    Would it be at all possible to route people from that external sales page to the Membership signup process for completion? Perhaps there might be a somewhat inconspicuous way of achieving this?

    Regarding the matter of visitors, you can simply create a member level for visitors, perhaps calling it Visitor. You could then setup the access rules to restrict the content you don't want them to access. And finally, setting the Stranger level to Visitor under Membership > Edit Options should take care of that.


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