Can you add an optional product/event to an event with one checkout process?

We have an event coming up and Im trying to use your Events+/Marketpress/Membership plugins for our registration process. Our event cost: $0 for students, $190 for members, and $285 for non members. I set up a product in marketpress and the Events+ plugin seems to be handling it. However we have a superbowl party & auction that costs an additional $25 that we want people to register for as well. Is there a way to add both items to the cart at the same time and not have our users go through the checkout process twice?


  • Vaughan

    Hi @william,

    Unfortunately this isn't possible, you could use the add to cart feature in marketpress, this would allow your users to add the events to the cart & then check out in 1 go. But it wouldn't be possible to add the 2nd product to the cart automatically without some custom coding, let me just ask one of our developers to see if he can come up with a quick solution, but i'm not sure it would be easy.

    Hope this helps

  • Jose

    Hey there @William,

    Unfortunately, this would require more than a quick customization, so I must suggest to hire a developer in the jobs board if you whant it to work exactly like that.

    For a simple solution, I would recommend to create different products including the additional $25.

    For instance:
    - Event for members $190.
    - Event + superbowl party & auction for members $215.

    Hope this helps!

    And please let us know if you decide to go ahead with the customization, we'll be here to answer any specific questions regarding the code.


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