Can you add IDEAL payment to your products and can you add option to select payment option in Pro Si


You've added IDEAL as a payment gateway to Marketpress, that is great since in the Netherlands a lot of customers depend on IDEAL. I would really appreciate if you could add IDEAL as a payment service to other products that can be charged and paid with a payment service like:

Another thing i would like is that you add the option to select several payment methods / gateways. For example with ProSites we need to choose either Paypal or Manual for example. I would prefer to be able to select both and have the customer select his preferable payment option while ordering.

A question to MarketPress:
Can you integrate OpenIcecat rich content? If you don't know what it is, it is free open source rich content in a lot of different languages see for info:

Another question to MarketPress is it possible to integrate the option to export XML and RSS/ATOM feed lists for example for Google Shopping and other comparing/spider websites?

Final question (for now) to MarketPress: I am using a different Provisioning Panel for hosting (not WHMCS), is it possible to set MarketPress to make a call to an API upon ordering and payment of a product? Currently a download link is possible but i am providing online services that i would like to be ordered from MarketPress.

Thanks in advance.