Can you add the ability to add another underlying layer of payment options for...


I was wondering...

Could you easily add the ability to include underlying YEARLY payment options that go along with the normal monthly. This way a discount could be offered and encouraged if they pay a full YEAR upfront. Then, if you wanted you can have another layers of options for MULTI-YEAR discounts if some would like more of a discount to pay for more years.

You could have dropdowns if people (admin) wanted to do multi-months instead of years as the package options (in other words one could choose to setup the underlying package discount(s) with months OR years in advance.

You could have unlimited underlying layers.

I think you know what I mean. We all have seen monthly payment options or yearly (where most give a good discount to do so etc).

This request is for Protected Content and other plugins you have with payment options that would make sense to do this...

Could you put this in the feature request section?