Can you assign user roles and/or Buddypress membership types?

I'm would like to replace the WPMU Membership on an existing site with the new Protected Content plugin but it seems some functionality is missing. I've found you can assign specific capabilities to specific memberships but can you assign specific roles to the memberships?

Also, I know it's pretty new to Buddypress but are you planning on adding functionality that allows you to assign membership types? (Membership Types was added to Bp 2.2)

  • Sajid

    Hi Operapreneur,

    Hope you are doing good today and thanks for posting in forum :slight_smile:

    By default you can assign user roles to each level. Further more you can activate "Member Capabilities" add on from Protected Content > Add ons.

    Also we do have "BuddyPress Integration" add on. We are constantly working on development of more add ons for Protected Content as well.

    I am going to move this thread to "Features & Feedback" forum. Our technical staff will monitor the request. They will add in future release if its valuable for most of our members and possible with current platform. We do not guarantee that it will be added in next release and neither can provide an ETA.

    Take care and have a great weekend :slight_smile:

    Cheers, Sajid

  • Sajid

    Hi Joel,

    Hope you are doing good today :slight_smile:

    We have added add ons for protected content so you can enable/disable according to your requirements.

    To see user roles, go to Dashboard > Protected Content > Add-ons > Member Capabilities and enable it. Now you can see the "User Roles" tab at left side when you edit or setup new membership. Screenshot.

    For Capabilities instead of User Roles go to Dashboard > Protected Content > Add-ons > Member Capabilities > Details. The following screen will appear with enable disable button. Screenshot

    Hope this will help or feel free to let us know if you need further support.

    Cheers, Sajid

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