Can You Change The Name From Hustle to "Promote" - or anything, really?

Team WPMU,

"Hustle" has, to many, a distinctly negative connotation. Combined with the "gigolo" mascot, it's decidedly negative. It reinforces the "sleazy salesman" aspect of the word instead of the "work hard and achieve your goal" aspect.

I understand the tongue-in-cheek humor of it, but it just isn't working in a professional environment.

I've removed the mascot, thanks to advice in an earlier thread (thanks Rupok !). I've tried to use Text-Change in Ultimate Branding to alter it from "Hustle" to "Promote" but that only ends up breaking the plugin and the screen goes blank when tries to create a new opt-in.

I want this plugin to work, guys. But you have to help me sell it to the users. Between the fractured branding and the custom content formatting issues, they are, so far, not impressed at all.