Can you do anything with WP?

Hey I’m relatively new to wordpress and giving life to ideas through websites and wonder if WordPress can be formed to do absolutely anything? I only know basics of finding hosts, domains and functions of wordpress.

Here are some features I would need for my idea to work. Can I do this with wordpress, Upfront, plugins, SiteGround as hoster or is there some feature here that would require a professional to script it from the ground up? Would it be too messy to create this with WP, am I asking too much? The only thing I know is that this idea has to exist. First as a website and then build an web-based app that mirror the website. So if you say this requires scripting from the ground up I will go out and learn programming.

– Log in with Facebook or Google

– Categories and sub-categories, clicking a sub-category brings you to an Instagram-looking “river” of content-boxes that holds a portrait and some text, the text is the main content here.

– Each box of content got tiny icons for Like, Share, PM the poster, report post. (No commenting on posts)

– When inside a sub-category’s river of content you can click a button to add your “perspective” in that sub-category. The website must store these perspectives.

– When posting, you can choose ticking an “anonymous” box so your details from Facebook/Google (whatever you’re logged in as is hidden), and only gender, age and nationality is shown.

– A filter function is important. I would like a filter tab that affects globally all sub-categories, set Age: 20-22, Nationality: USA, Gender: Female, +others. No matter what sub-category you go into, it only shows posts with this data. The Filter window is easily accessible wherever you are.

– An interview section kind of separate from the category section, but still following the same “river” design of instagram’s content. The interview section is also affected by the filter-function window.

– After it has grown a bit, am I able to add Google Adwords?

Am I trying to create something so different from a blog that wordpress would fall short here and there?