Can you get crazy high CPU spikes from WPMUDEV plugins??

Lately I’ve had ridiculous CPU spikes to the point of it shutting down my site by maxing out my 24hr and 2h limits. I wanted to double check that using the Hummingbird scanner, or any other WPMUDEV plugin’s scanner features wouldn’t be the reason for this.

Thanks in advance!

  • Alex Stine
    • System Administrator

    Hello cayseshultz

    Hope you’re well!

    You should never receive high CPU spikes when using our WPMU DEV plugins, themes, or services. Could you please try the P3 Performance Profiler to see which plugin is causing the most load?

    Also what is your php memory_limit and max_execution_time? If you have access to server logs, can you share an example of the timeouts?

    This is common on some shared hosts depending on the plan or size of the site. If you are currently on shared web hosting, upgrading your plan might be an option to look in to.

    Looking forward to your response.


    Alex :smiley:

  • cayseshultz
    • New Recruit

    Hi Alex! Thank you for your response. I tried the p3 profiler and the largest/most active plugin was p3 profiler lol… go figure. :slight_smile:

    After looking at the server logs it became clear that I was getting an insane number of bot attacks which were creating false traffic and therefore insane CPU spikes. It just coincidentally started occurring at the same time that I downloaded and tried to use Hummingbird.

    Adding code to the .htaccess file helped stop a large majority of the bot attacks. I’ll be looking into adding Defender to the mix as well.

    Thank you for the reassurance that Hummingbird wouldn’t create this issue!

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