Can you just make a Credit Card form and have it linking with your Marketpress Store, for Checking o

So i have this client that sells furniture and accessories and I'm using Marketpress to build them a store, well i recently found out they use First Data Gateway as their payment gateway and I already have combed the forums for a Payment gateway Add-on for Marketpress, but from what i found there is not. So my question is, Is there a way to have a plain credit card form to fill out at checkout through Marketpress without using a payment gateway at all. (They don't want to use Pay-pal)
And My clients over all goal was to just get credit card information sent to them and they process it through their merchant account.

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    Hi Jack

    Thank you for this info, I'm gonna read up on the PCI Compliance, i Got one more quick question about extending the manual payment gateway.... I don't know squat about the coding involved to do so, Is there someone who has already extended this gateway and have some code tweak available or a forum on how to do so?

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    Hi there @VLMDev

    I hope you are well today,

    Unfortunately there isn't really any solid info on extending it, all hooks and functions are documented inline within the code.

    The manual gateway will most likely be the easiest to extend, as it already works as basically a simple form, so then on the front-end, you just need some input fields and a way to add that to the database on the server side if that makes sense? :slight_smile:

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

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