Can you make me a coupon code to promote my affiliate link? Also JV request for a contest…

I was wondering if you could please look into providing me with a custom coupon code to go with my affiliate link. I’d be willing to offer a discount of half of my commission, and if you’d like to add more than that to sweeten the deal it could get more bites. I would then post the offer in my articles, on my sites and to my contacts to convince them to become members of I was very pleased to receive such an awesome coupon code for myself, and wanted to do something more to help return the favor.

Also, I am currently organizing a contest for a new site I have a partnership in with a lot of effort in promoting it viraly. The site is We could look into custom developing a wordpress plugin available through your site just for our members in the future. I would be happy to offer a nominal coupon code as a free give-away to contestants (like my above request) or a limited number of better coupon code offers perhaps like the one you gave me for my own use.

Also wanted to know if you had any other contests of your own coming up where I could win a free lifetime membership, or maybe that could be a prize to give away in my contest in exchange for free advertising and cross list building/upselling opt-ins.

I look forward to your response. I apoilogize if this message looks sloppy, this form is kind of squished on my netbook. Works good but hard to tell how it looks on the other end, or to proof read it.

Thank you for your time.

-Mike Slemko