Can you pass structure tags to a post types permalink structure?

I would like to add the %author% structure tag to one of my custom post types that I've created via Custom Press. Is this possible? I've tested it out and it doesn't seem like it works. The output is /custom-post-type/%author%/ and not the actual author's name.

I'm wondering if I should use this plugin to get my fix but I don't know if it will cause a conflict with Custom Press:


  • Mason
    • DEV MAN’s Sidekick


    As far as I know CustomPress doesn't allow for variables like %author%, but I'll ask the developer to confirm.

    In terms of the other plugin, there's no way to know for sure unless of course you give it a shot :slight_smile:

    I'll ask the developer if we can implement something like what you're looking for here.


  • Arnold
    • El Macho WP

    Basic Wordpress ONLY does custom permalinks for Posts, not for Pages or Custom Types. Also the get_permalinks() function where this is all translated all other type of posts get filtered out before any transalation occurs. Also %category% doesn't really have meaning for custom taxonmies. %category% is a taxonomy associated with Posts. Custom post types can have equivalent taxonomies associated with the but the won't be named 'category' unless you want a lot of name collision problems. You can also have multiple category like taxonomies associate with one post type so which would you pick?

    It can be done but it depends on knowing and defining oyur own %tags% and then translating them yourself. If you would like to see what's invlovd take a look at.

  • Operapreneur
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks, Arnold. That's all very helpful. I was staying away from using the %category% structure tag because I thought it would get ugly. There was only one custom post type where I wanted to use %author%. The link is very helpful, cheers!

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