Can you personalize e-Newsletter?

Can I add a &variable to the content area of the e-newsletter? For example I want to personalize it by using their name, ie: Dear Scott, by using their name from the members name.

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    Greetings @heartlandhosting Welcome to the WPMU forums.

    last month i had same issue, and wanted to change some things on the template, and found this on the forum, the other day, taking this advise i have make some changes and tweaks to the templates, maybe this workaround can be of use to you, hope this helps, Regards


    The easiest way is just to copy one of the existing templates in the email-newsletter-files/templates directory.

    Simply rename and tweak to your specification and it'll appear on the templates page automatically :slight_smile:

  • Maniu
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    Hey @heartlandhosting

    In case you missed it, customization like this is now possible:

    {USER_NAME} displays the user’s WordPress username in the newsletter
    {TO_EMAIL} displays the email address the newsletter was sent to
    {VIEW_LINK} displays the link to view the newsletter in a browser
    {DATE} displays the date the newsletter was sent


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