Can you please help me display activity feed using the widget in WR Pagebuilder?

I granted access to my site. I have the Like and Share buttons on every page and I was prompted to log in using FB. BUT the Activity Feed Widget on the Home page isn't working. Please advise. Thank you.

Dan Marshall 213 283 7700

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Dan

    Welcome to WPMU DEV, glad to have you aboard, and happy new year!

    I just added the activity feed widget to a sidebar on my test site with your domain name in it and it correctly displays on my homepage:

    Unfortunately, the support access token seems to have expired. Would you please grant support access again so we take a look at your install?

    In the meantime, please try simply adding your domain name in the Site field in the widget to test again.


  • Patrick

    Hi again @Dan

    I saw your other post where @Timothy Bowers replied here:

    I think what you want is the Facebook Like Box widget.

    I have added that to the page you have set as your homepage and it displays all your Facebook content nicely on your homepage with all the faces of those who have liked your content.

    Happy new year!


  • Dan

    Patrick, Michael Bissett helped me figure it out. Users can't communicate back and forth via the plugin. Users can only submit a ticket and get the 1st response via the plugin. Users must login to to communicate back and forth. Is this correct. Anyway, I can now communicate! I really do like the display of Facebook content on and I greatly appreciate you setting it up. I don't know how I will do the next site, so I probably ask for help every time. Question: Is there a way to automatically display the most recent posts without requiring the site visitor to click Show More. It seems like the SEO benefits would be much better and then recent articles with compelling subjects will more likely get noticed. Let me know if the plugin will do this and how I go about it. I have tried a couple things, but I still just get Show More. Thanks Patrick.

  • Dan

    Thank you so much for reaching out Ash. Can you recommend a way I can display and/or embed the facebook fan page feed into the website? Other websites are able to show their facebook fan page public feed on their site. This is why I purchased Ultimate Facebook. How do I show the facebook fan page feed on the website. I am talking about the home page of and the facebook fan page feed for

    Thank you so much for helping with this. It seems a great mystery.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey there Dan,

    Hope you're doing well today! I saw you emailed in and I wanted to jump on this and get everything sorted for you :slight_smile:

    First off, I just want to explain how to get it setup on your home page.

    From your WordPress Dashboard:

    1. Go to: Facebook > Widget Pack > Scroll down to the "Facebook Like Box" and activate it then save.

    2. Go to your Appearance > Widgets. Then drag the Facebook Like Box widget over to your preferred sidebar and enter your settings :slight_smile:

    Screenshots attached to illustrate.

    The reason your feed has the "Show More" is because your most recent posts are almost a year old. By default it does show only your recent posts; however, you don't have any at the moment. Your 2 most recent activity feed items aren't actually posts, just changing the picture/cover photo which won't show up in the like box feed.

    Once you start posting then it will fill up the feed and no "Show More" button will be required :slight_smile:

    I'm using the WPMU DEV feed on my site to illustrate: there won't be any show more button as there are lots of recent posts.

    Thank you so much for reaching out Ash. Can you recommend a way I can display and/or embed the facebook fan page feed into the website?

    Are you wanting to embed it into an actual page or post instead of the sidebar? We can also do that :slight_smile:

    You may notice that I have the feed inside the home page on my site I linked to above. There's a cool little plugin that will let you achieve this :slight_smile: this one:

    Lets you place widgets in actual pages/posts. The instructions are available on the plugin page there; in short:

    1. Drag the Facebook Like Box into the new "Widgets for Shortcodes" sidebar, set it up how you want then place this shortcode on any page or post that you would like to show it on:

    [do_widget "Facebook Like Box"]

    How does this sound Dan? If you still need any further assistance at all here. Just let us know :slight_smile: More than happy to help.

    Have a great rest of your day.


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