Can you please tell the CSS for the following?

Hi, can you please tell me the CSS to change the following on this site. Moderated site link on request

the nav menu at the very top of the page. It has a drop down menu, but the drop down menu is very narrow. I would like it to be wider like the main one (but the main one has an option in the theme to change it, but the top menu doesn’t) I was thinking to have it 170px wide. If I have the CSS code then I can adjust it once I put the code in to what looks best. But right now its just too narrow.

Also, can I have the CSS code to change the hover color for the links in the footer. The theme gives me the option to change the hover links, but its site-wide and the black link hover color doesn’t work as a hover link color in the footer because the footer background is black. I’d like it to be a light grey. I can adjust the color once I put the CSS code in.

I can adjust the code once i have it, but sometimes I have a hard time knowing what the code should be.

Thanks for the help!

Appreciate it!