Can you please work this ticket now?

See this ticket:

You guys couldn't get access because you were blocking my outbound IP. I've granted you access so you can see if there is some configuration issue preventing product details from displaying.

  • Rich


    I "really" need help. The problem with the WPMU Ticket system is that if I post a response to my other response on that other ticket then it is pushed to the very bottom of the queue. I did not design your ticket system that way.

    I learned this the other day because I was adding information to another ticket to provide more information and I did not hear anything for over 48 hours on that ticket. I posted another response to that ticket and did not hear anything.

    I finally opened up another ticket asking when WPMU was going to get to my ticket and I was told that my responses to my original ticket were causing my ticket to be pushed to the bottom of the queue.

    Consequently, when I responded to my ticket above (2 seconds before I posted this), I knew that my response to my own ticket would move that ticket to the bottom of the queue. I don't expect my ticket to receive the highest priority but then again I don't want to wait 48 hours to have my ticket worked on because the conditions that caused WPMU from being able to look at my configuration were caused by WPMU blocking my IP.

    I've been in the IT field for 26 years now. I understand how these things work. I'm not asking for special treatment but I find it patently absurd that the WPMU ticket system actually demotes a person's ticket to the bottom of the queue if the client adds additional information to his/her ticket.

    Thus, if you don't want people to open additional tickets like I did then I suggest you change this very bizarre practice of demoting tickets.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Richard,

    I hope you're well today!

    Thank you for letting me know that the access issue has been resolved. Indeed I'm now able to access your sites back end. That said, I'll review your site and will replay in your original thread here:

    That said, let me just explain one more thing. Alex who responded to your question first, is not a WPMU DEV staff member but he's a member of our community, just like you are. I believe he was just trying to help. Please note that members are absolutely allowed (and welcome!) to replay to any thread on these forums as well as we - as staff members - are. I think responses from Support Staff members are marked with "Staff" badge so you should be able to easily differentiate who's responding to your thread. Please take my apologies if that caused confusion!

    Kind regards,

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