Can you recommend a plugin with multiple categories for ratings?

Hey all,

I’m going to be using CustomPress to create both the restaurant reviews and the recipes sections of my food-centric site, but I need a ratings plugin that can show ratings for different categories (ie. speed, cleanliness, cost, service, etc.) on the same post/page/etc. Can any of you guys and gals recommend one for me? Google wasn’t much help when I tried searching!


Nathan P.

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    That sort of functionality is better suited to WP-Types or Posts2Posts, since you can set up parent/child relationships. In this example, you can see how I used child posts to drive both reviews and tabs.

    It’s got a learning curve to it. I had offered a column on all the advanced ways to use WP-Types and they replied back that they didn’t want to feature somebody else’s plugin.

    Custompress ain’t gonna do it.

    WP-Types does some advanced stuff and if you aren’t a programmer, you can pay for the Views addon in order to build your display.

    Posts2posts is way advanced and not something you’re going to mess about with unless you know what you are doing. It will allow many-to-many post relationships though, which gets access to much more advanced app logic without leaving the WordPress ecosystem.

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    An example of a many-to-many relationship might work like this.

    You have a group of directors at a company and each one specializes in multiple industries. Staff have their own post type and it’s complex. Industries also have their own post type and probably their own child post types for case studies.

    When you display an industry, you want to display a list of directors who work in that industry along with their photo and a link to their page. On each director’s page, you want to do the same for industries.

    This requires you to be able to relate a director to multiple custom posts within a type, and each of those custom posts back to multiple staff members. This is WAY more advanced than anything WP was designed to do – but it’s what Posts2Posts allows.

    WP-Types allows one-to-many relationships.

    In the Tao of Dating example, you have post types for Books, Reviews, and Tabs. Each book has child posts that are tabs and child posts that are reviews – but a tab/review never has multiple parents. This is also more advanced logic than WP was built to handle but it’s far simpler to plan and execute.

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    That’s quite a bit of money for just one website, Imperative Ideas. I’m also not much of a developer because I don’t code at all. I tend to create PHP errors when I do… *embarrassed*

    Thanks for the suggestion, Jack! That’s just what I was looking for!

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