Can you redirect a certain access level to a specific page

I created 3 subscriptions Platinum, Gold, Silver.
I created an access level for each subscriptions with Platinum access to 18 pages, Gold to 12 and Silver to 6.
I created a landing page for each level with a different link menu for each.
All is well at this point.
I created a user for testing and the plan was that if he was a silver member then when he logged in he would b directed to the silver page with the menu options for silver.
Then I thought " How do I redirect a user to the page specific for the level they are assigned to".
And I got stuck because when the user logs in they just go to the home page and the login widget disappears (which I presume is fine because they have logged in).
So to summary of what I wanted it to do:-
User of silver subscription assigned to silver level logs in and is redirected to page silver.