Can you turn off/hide all MU functions without removing them?

I have a WPMU install with buddypress which at first launch I am not offering new site/blog functions to my users. I am going to add that in the future as a pay to blog option. This is a change as I was going to do that on day one but in order to get the site live we will add that later on. Possible it may be never as somethings have changed since the original concept for the site was created.

I would like to turn off and/or hide the ability to add a site to everyone including inside the admin dashboard if possible.

There are also the links that say BLOGS which show up in the community menu and userbar that would need to be removed unless those disappear once turning things off.

If they have to be removed manually I would need help doing that as well.

I was considering removing MU altogether but with the possibility of adding it back later I was thinking it might be easier just to turn it off. If removing is the better option please let me know.

Thank you.