Cancel and Return to website from PayPal page question

Hi – Are you able to confirm if this is working as designed…

I make a product selection > Add to Cart > Fill in Address details and proceed to Checkout.

The Paypal payment options page appears with confirmation of total price with P&P all good!

I then decide to cancel the process and use the link provided by PayPal to cancel and return to website.

This brings you back to a Payment Info Page with caption “Your PayPal Transaction has been cancelled” and a continue to checkout button, which takes you back to the PayPal page…. a continue to Shopping Cart button would be better so that the visitor can add their extra item (we live in hope!) or empty the basket.

Better still – How can I change this so that the return page is the Shopping Cart page?

Or – is my set-up broken in some way?

website is

Thanks in Advance