Cancel or Delete Attendance for Events +

I cannot delete the admin (me) from the event RSVP. When I click "Cancel Attendance" or "Delete Attendance Entirely" nothing happens. When I do it to other users, who have not yet paid for the event, it updates properly and removes them from the rsvp.

I have ran a theme conflict and plugin conflict test. The problem is still present. We have done a lot of customization to this site….

Support access is active.

I was having a similar problem last year and you guys gave me a function code that still works but it removed everyone from the event.


//Clear events RSVP's

global $wpdb;

$event_id = 7107; // Enter event ID here from where you want to delete all RSVPs

$wpdb->delete( Eab_EventsHub::tablename(Eab_EventsHub::BOOKING_TABLE), array( 'event_id' => $event_id ) );

Any help on how I can remove a specific person including the admin…