Cancelling an Appointment Sends Confirmation

I've been doing a lot of testing to get email working and noticed something in the appointments "pending" section.

When I choose "remove" from the dropdown to update an appointment status and check the (re)send confirmation box. The customer gets an email confirming their appointment is still good to go.

Logically I would expect a "removal" or "appointment cancelled" email to be sent given that I just selected "remove" from the drop down.

If a service provider needs to cancel an appointment that a customer made, there should be an easy, built in way to do that, right?

Maybe I'm missing something? Not sure if this should be classified "bug" or "feature request"?

  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello again!

    From the FAQ on the plugin

    How can I permanently delete appointment records?
    To avoid any mistakes, appointment records can only be deleted from Removed area of Appointments admin page. First change the status of the appointment to "removed" and then delete it selecting the Removed area.

    It is very odd that you would ever remove an appointment and then send a confirmation email, however I will bring it to the developers attention and see if he would address it.



  • Hakan
    • The Incredible Smush


    Not a bug, because you are intentionally checking the checkbox for "Resend confirmation". All actions for admin side appointment records are manual; no checks are done.

    I will consider Appointment cancelled message. But I can certainly remove that checkbox for removed state, or make it unfunctional :slight_smile:


  • MojPoj
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Thanks Hakan. Just hiding the check-box when "remove appointment" is selected would be fine to eliminate confusion.

    I believe an "Appointment Cancelled" email function would be a great idea! +1

    Since A+ is being (deservingly) marketed as the best WP appointment plugin. It doesn't seem ideal to have to call or copy/paste the email address into your email client when a cancellation is needed.

    Resolved for me, thanks!

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