Cannot access WPMU DEV Dashboard in website

I have been experiencing a really odd behavior where I can't log in at certain times to the WPMU DEV dashboard plugin on my website. It seems completely random to when I can and cannot login to the dashboard.. I have reported this problem earlier this year and I thought the problem was fixed by simply clearing my cache but that was just a false positive. Since I can log in sometimes I didn't think this was a major issue but now I am realizing that when not logged in some plugins are not working like WP Smush and WPMU DEV Videos to name a few. I would really like to get to the bottom of this and get this resolved but since this problem appears to be random I am not sure how to fix..

When I experience this problem I can still log into my WPMU Dev Hub with no problems and I notice that the problem website is no longer listed there under "My Websites". However, when I am able to log into the WPMU DEV dashboard and go to the Hub, the problem website is listed there..

At the time of writing this, I cannot currently log into the WPMU Dev dashboard but the site is listed in the HUB under my websites though at some point it will not show... and then reappear once I am able to re-login to the wpmu dev dashbload plugin on my website.