Cannot activate Managed Backups on my site

Hi, I’m on the latest stable version of everything, I have the WPMUDEV Dash installed on my site and it’s synced to the Hub. After installing snapshot, I can’t add the WPMUDEV cloud as a destination and Managed Backups cannot be turned on. I’ve tried a bunch of stuff, re-installing and re-activating things, etc, and still the same issue. Basically, if I click on the Managed Backups tab, I get this screen:

But I am already logged into the dashboard and have synced it with the Hub, so I’m not sure what the issue is. Every time I click that link it just takes me to my dash which is a listing of plugins and says I’m logged in.

If it’s relevant, I use a PHP Constant to pass in my API token so I am automatically logged in. This pattern works with another one of my sites and an older version of Snapshot works just fine. Help is appreciated! -MG