Cannot assign to posts different sidebars

I need to assign to each post, 3 different sidebars:
One for a video.
One for a promotional banner.
One for google map. (Not set it yet)
I already grant access to the staff, so, when you access you will see in the widgets area, 2 sidebars, one named "Xalapa" which correspond to a post with the same name. (Xalapa)
The second sidebar you will see is named "Veracruz", which correspond to a post with the same name (Veracruz)
This site is as the spanish name indicates, a world tourist guide, and I start with travel destinations in Mexico.
The problem I have is that when I assigned via the post, the sidebar name Xalapa, to the post with this name, I get the Veracruz sidebar, not the Xalapa sidebar, I hope I made myself clear.
The Veracruz sidebar is assigned to the post named Veracruz, and I get the correct sidebar.
The intention is to have one sidebar with the 3 above mentioned items for each travel destination.
The theme I'm using is "today" which allowed 4 different blog layouts for each page, I'm using for the Mexico page: Blog style 3, and I will be using for all the countries, this very same style.
After you review my site, please tell me, not just correct it for me, but tell me step by step, how to setup what I need to accomplish here, in order for me to do it as need it with the rest of the destinations.