Cannot configure Facebook for Comments Plus

I cannot configure my site's Facebook page/account to work with Comments Plus per the CP instructions nor FB's help files.

Not only do I not have any applications icon on my home page, but when I click on links to the developer's or apps site, I keep getting redirected back to my home page.

Alas, I did manage to find the developers page and I did log-in, but when I click the apps button on the top of the page, again it takes me back to my home page.

It acts as if it were a permissions problem, but I've confirmed I'm the manager for the page. I even tried adding myself as a new manager using a different e-mail, but when I get the authorization link, it doesn't work.

On conducting some Google searches, I found folks with similar reports of continually being redirected back to their home page, but as of yet no solution.

Any ideas?