Cannot Continue Academy Course

I'm having issues finishing a course I started. INTRODUCTION TO UPFRONT from what I can see, because the quiz was closed down from more submissions, I can no longer continue through the course. I can't complete it, and its preventing me learning more about the upfront builder.

  • Chris La Nauze

    Hi Raelen, Thanks to live chat Michael has solved some of my issues, I couldn't for one, respond to you, so sorry for the delay, apparently my user access was missing a role status to actually reply. The new course i'm enrolled in, does work as you describe, but the thing is I had to re-enrol to continue past the 2nd sections quiz. The note I get is the course is now closed. So there is some kind of time restriction on completing the course. I don't think this is the best solution, because instead of continuing from where i was up too, i then had to re-subscribe, and go through all previous material to get to this location again.

    From my courses area there is past courses. these ones I can no longer continue with. And have to signup up to them again. I believe that there is the issue. they have been closed, and so can't continue them. I thought I was in a way book marking them for my account. Kind of what you do in you can watch one bit, and then it saves it in your courses area. but in this case if i don't continue in a given time period it closes the course. I don't know about you. But this is not smart, as it will bloat out peoples course area. I now have 3 course I'm enrolled in, and four past courses I can't finish, and will forever say incomplete.

    • Raelene Morey

      Hi Chris,

      Could you let me know when you enrolled in these courses? We made a big change to all courses a couple of months ago, making them all "evergreen" whereas previously students could only progress week-by-week. You might be caught up in this and, unfortunately, we can't fix this and restore your progress for the incomplete courses as they are separate courses on the backend. Going forward, there aren't any time restrictions on courses.

      All I can suggest for now is that you re-enroll in the courses that you've been unable to complete and I can remove your old courses so you don't have any incomplete courses in your account.

      Hope this helps!

      Cheers, Rae

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