cannot create a pro site blog if already a member

Right now I am wearing the shoes of a visitor to my site (nice sparkly red ones… there’s no place like home… doh!) now…I have been a visitor for some time now, but have decided I now want to sign up to have my own website cause all this wonderful marketing is working – the slide ins, the pop ups… woo hoo!! …. I look around for a bit and the only link I can find is the Premium Site link …. I click on Premium site and get the following message – “Sorry, but it appears you are not an administrator for any sites” and nothing else….. Hmmmm…. I look around….. hmmmmmm …… oh well…. I’ll go to that other site and sign up there then.

Aaaaargh!!! I searched and did the google shuffle before coming to post this looking for a way to start a blog if I am already a subscriber but have not had any luck. Have I removed a link or something?

But irrespective of that… it highlights that the error message received when clicking on the PREMIUM SITE link is not very helpful, and not easily edited (or is it??)

It should outline at least one option open to me or suggest I contact support or something…. anything!!