Cannot create a site when Multi-Domains plugin active

When I the Multi-Domains plugin is active and I’m creating new subsite, the subsite URL is broken.

Example, if I’ll create a subsite, the subsite url will be sub. and sub./wp-admin for dashboard.

When Multi-Domains plugin is deactivated, everything works fine. Plugin conflict test didn’t give any results.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Douglas

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I have accessed your site and I think this is very “non-standard” configuration. Multi-Domains might “go wild” in such case as this is not something that it has been designed for.

    Let me explain:

    1. When I accessed the site, the Multi-Domains plugin was disabled. I enabled it temporarily to check it and noticed that there was no domains added to it. The plugin requires some domains to be added to it and that alone might explain why it was behaving like that, unless there were domains but you removed them.


    2. The “unusual” part of setup is the domain mapping that you are using. There are sub-sites and each of them has it’s own domain added using native WP mapping feature. It means that each site of the Multisite is using it’s own top level domain. They are using “http://” (non-SSL) connections. That would be fine but in addition to this you are using our Domain Mapping plugin where you actually map the very same domains to the very same sites but over https:// connection.

    I assume that was an idea to sort out some kind of SSL issues perhaps (but that’s just a guess) but it’s something that shouldn’t be done. It can cause unexpected issues and conflict with other plugins such as Multi-Domains that might be extremely difficult to diagnose.

    That being said, here’s what I’d suggest to start with:

    1. Enable Multi-Domains plugin back and in “Network Admin -> Settings -> Multi-Domains” do add/configure some domains there as this configuration cannot be empty. Preferably, none of these domains would be used for mapping anywhere on site.

    If that doesn’t help:

    2. It would be best to revert to a proper structure. That means either sticking to native WP mapping or bringing back original sub-domain addresses to the sub-sites and sticking to our Domain Mapping plugin only. In any way, both these solutions should support both SSL and non-ssl addresses (so there’s no need to map both http:// and https://) and would let us troubleshoot the issue furher.

    Kind regards,


  • Douglas
    • WPMU DEV Initiate


    As per suggestion Enabled Multi-Domains plugin back and in “Network Admin -> Settings -> Multi-Domains” do add/configure some domains and added it. Says like available later its get disappear. Then i clicked on to Sites > to clone a site i clicked on to clone it takes me to create a new website i enter the domain woodbury but its through error as Please enter site name.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hi Douglas

    I checked the site again. I see that you reverted mappings to use original sub-domain + mapped TLD via Domain Mapping so that’s a good think. However, the “” domain is a subdomain of your main domain and is also already used for mapping. That’s not a reason is disappearing but it’s still something that might not work properly. The best case scenario, those should be “top-level” domains.

    Still though, the main problem here would be that disappearing domains issue. That should not be happening regardless of other issues. Even if the domain is “not available” and wouldn’t work properly, it should stay there on the list of domains. As it disappears, I would suspect either some “db caching” or WP transient issue or – which is very likely – the database being corrupted (as it’s stored in the database).

    That said, you have provided site and FTP access during the chat but I’ll need to check the database as well and I can’t do it this way. Would you be able to share you cPanel (that’d be the best option) credentials or at least direct access to the phpMyAdmin so I could take a look there?

    Note: Don’t leave your login details in this ticket.

    Instead, you can send us your details using our contact form and the template below:

    Subject: “Attn: Adam Czajczyk

    – cPanel credentials (host/username/password)

    – and/or phpMyAdmin direct access credentials

    – Link back to this thread for reference

    – Any other relevant urls/info

    Kind regards,


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