Cannot delete imported products with no title

I imported a bunch of products from CSV, and some were imported with no title. I am not able to move these untitled items to the trash either in bulk or one by one.

The only way to get rid of them appears to be to give them a name, save the draft, and then trash them.

So, apparently items that get imported without a name cannot be trashed. This is more of a bug report than a help request. Hopefully it helps someone else.

  • digitsoft
    • The Crimson Coder

    I tried importing without a title and either it doesn't import or it duplicates the product below it with a title.

    Here's the test csv I tried...

    ,Sample product description,32432432,112.04,69.99,tag1,cat1,,,,1,,
    product2 import,num2,123,112.04,69.99,tag1,cat1,,,,1,,

    There are some things with the importer that can be improved, but there's a new version of MP coming out sometime. No...nobody knows when :wink:

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