Cannot Domain Map subsites

I have a multisite setup and I have cloned a live and working child site. But I cannot figure out where to do the domain mapping for the cloned site.

Please refer chat for more info.

  • Nithin

    Hello Kevin,

    I have created a ticket for you, could you please make sure that you have wild card subdomain configured in your system?

    Please check the following article on how to configure it:

    If you still have issues even after that, ie without editing the host file. Please let us know whether you are comfortable with us creating a new subsite, so that we could have a better idea how the subsites work in your system.

    Kind Regards,

  • Kevin

    Thank you for all of your assistance.
    There is a step here when cloning a site, that appears to create a hiccup in the process. I think this is probably a misunderstanding on my part.
    Rather than a wildcard subdomain, I have gone through cpanel and added all the child sites as add-on domains. This process gives me both the domain to be mapped AND a subdomain that can be used in the first step which is the domain mapping. I will describe this in a little more detail...
    1. I set up the add-on domain. for this example, lets say I create as the addon domain. Because my multisite host is, this also creates as a subdomain
    2. I go to my local hosts file and set up both and to point at my server IP address
    3. Now that I can clone the multisite child site, I can CREATE it as this is very temporary.
    3. Then I can get to the wordpress dashboard of that site using the subdomain and set up the domain mapping from the tools menu (while still a subdomain)
    4. I set the domain mapping from the child site tools menu to
    5. Then I can go back to my network manager and edit the sites, changing the domian from the subdomain to the mapped domain

    This appears to work and gives me the fastest way to push sites live.
    We are trying to push one site live each day and this is the most efficient way without us having to do any SQL search and replace for domains.

    I really appreciate your assistance. I don;t think you fixed it for me, but the conversation definitely pushed me toward the solution, which was the two step of the add-on domain in cpanel, then the subdomain to access the child site dashboard, then back to network admin to kick the site into life.

    Looking good. Thanks.

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