Cannot figure out menu navigation w/Studio Theme & Membership Plugin.

I cannot find documentation on this, & I am at a loss here.

I have the membership plug in and I have the studio theme on wp 3.2.1. BP is not installed.

Issue is the pages I am making available based on the subscription are not appearing based on the subscription level of the user.. I am clearly missing something basic here.

In short I have 2 subscription levels. Free & VIP. Free needs to show pages A,B, & C & VIP needs to show pages 1,2,3. I need these pages to appear as buttons in the top navigation to the right of my logo on my site,

I know that I can.....
add the pages manually in the Level section of membership OR I can make menus in Appearance>Menu. I have experimented with both without the desired results. Either the menu would stay on A B C regardless of the subscription level. Right now there is nothing there.

I need to see a guide or a step by step here. How do I create subscription based menus with this theme? I have pages, I have subscriptions, I have levels. I have told the levels in membership to only point to certain pages. I have told the Appearance>Menus to do the same. I have even tried using the Appearance Menu's in the levels section of membership.

I need someone to assume I know jack and just give me a step by step here. I have been working on this problem since I subscribed to wpmu 2 days ago.

Thank you