Cannot get pages to be not protected

I am attempting to set up a simple membership site, right now with just “visitors” and then an indefinite paid level. As soon as I turn on content protection, I cannot access ANY pages on the site – whether visitor or active member. I have added a positive rule for categories and added the correct cat to it and assigned the pages to the same cat – still no…?

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    Ok – got it figure out, more or less.

    So, for the benefit of other noobs who may follow me, here’s how it works:

    Once you begin adding rules – whether Positive OR Negative – to an Access Level, you then must EXPLICITLY apply the rule to each member of that type.

    Example: You create a new access level and a corresponding subscription so that you can do a test user sign up.

    As long as you have added no rules to either your new access level nor the “visitor” level – everybody still can see everything, no matter if they are registered and signed in or not.

    However, as soon as you create a positive rule for your visitor level – say “Pages” – unless you select EVERY page that the visitor should see, any pages not selected are now “protected”. In essence you have not said to Membership “He should have access to this page” by checking it, the plugin protects it.

    So, for the visitor level, it is probably better to use a Negative rule to define what they CANNOT access (typically the members only content) and everything not in the rule will be, by default, unprotected.

    For member levels on the other hand, it is probably better to use Positive rules. If you have just one paid/membership level on your site, then you could probably not have to assign any rules – by not doing so, everything would be “unprotected” to a signed in member.

    It may be easier to use Categories instead of pages and then you can manage things at a higher level and not post by post or page by page. (You will need to install something like Ninja’s Categories and Tags so that you can assign Cats to your pages just like posts.).

    If you do use Categories in your rules, NOTE – if you have Category rules AND page rules – the page rules will trump the category rules. In other words, if you have a page/post that is assigned to a Category that is in a Positive access rule and you also have Page rules turned on, if the Page is not flagged as accessible in the Page rule, it is still protected even if its category is assigned as available.

    Am I making sense?

    One last note: Menus – If you turn on a positive menu rule, then again, it is up to you to flag each menu item – for EVERY menu your theme supports – that you want a member to see.

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